“When only 10 years old, Lulu wants to be the one to slaughter the family pig. But the same day, Vincent, her mother’s new boyfriend, settles in the farm, welcomed by Lulu’s entourage. The newcomer is entrusted with the slaughtering of the animal. Then, while being cut, a dormant fight breaks out between the two men. Lulu does not want to give in.”

2020. I was invited to work with Easy Tiger a French film production company to work on new film in painting animation technique.

Togheter with director Flora Molinie I designed keyframes and painted animations for the short film VILAINS.

I painted 31 shots filmed with a moving camera, which consisted of as many as 1500 paintings painted in oil technique. In total, I painted 3 minutes of the film.

The premiere is planned for 2021.