About me

about me

Anna Kluza, 1985, Czarnków/ Poland.

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. I finished my studies with a diploma in sculpture in the studio of prof. Sławoj Ostrowski and an appendix to Drawing and Small Sculptural Forms. Thanks to the ERASMUS scholarship, I completed the summer semester at the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia (Italy). I paint, sculpt and create painting animations. These three areas interpenetrate and complement each other in many respects, they give me a lot of joy in creating and the opportunity to express what is important to me.

3D Painting

In my painting and sculpting works, I use an original technique with the use of flax fibers, which allows my paintings to “go out” into space and gain a third dimension, as well as look into the depths of the carved forms. In my sculpting technology, I use dyed flax fiber, a material taken from nature.

I had the opportunity to present my works at many individual exhibitions and participate in collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

Painting animation

I combine painting and sculpting skills to create a moving picture, i.e. painting animations.

I use the technique of oil painting, where for each second of the film there are 8 to 24 pictures painted with oil paints on the support.

I work with the Polish-British film company BreakThru Films and the French label Easy Tiger.

Previous projects

As a painter, animator and supervisor, I co-created the world’s first full-length painting animation, which achieved global success, winning many awards and nominations for the Oscar “Twój Vincent” (2018). The portrait of Vincent van Gogh painted by me for the film has become a production icon.